General Description

The 73M1903C is a single-chip analog front end (AFE) for emerging low cost MFP and Fax architectures as well as other embedded applications such as satellite Set-Top-Box, POS terminals and IP phones. It offers an extensive array of features designed to reduce the external component count and deliver robust performance with a low cost transformer DAA. This device also supports international compliance with one bill of material (BOM).
The 73M1903C eliminates the need for dedicated crystal oscillator with a flexible PLL, a 16-bit CODEC, differential hybrid circuitry, GPIO pins, and integrated DAA control. It supports hardware or software based Ring and Intrusion detection with minimal additional components/cost.
The 73M1903C can be programmed for any sample rate between 7.2Khz to 16Khz to support various voice or data modulation standards including V.17, V.22bis, V.32bis, V.34, V.90 and V.92.


  • 84 dB dynamic range
  • Supports V.17, V.22bis, V.32bis, V.34, V.90 & V.92 and more
  • Programmable line terminations
  • 16 bit codec with integrated hybrid
  • Supports several crystal & external clock values
  • Precision voltage reference output
  • 8 user programmable I/O pins
  • Supports Caller ID (Type I & II) and Intrusion Detection
  • Serial I/F compatible with popular processors
  • Master/Slave and Daisy Chain interface modes 
  • 32-pin QFN