General Description

The new 73M2901CE low speed modem integrates a data pump, controller, and analog front end in a 3.3V device with a powerful "AT" command host interface. The modem reduces external component count/cost by incorporating many features like parallel phone detect, Line-In-Use and Ring detection in software without additional components required, resulting in a 25% cost and 35% footprint reduction compared to other solutions on the market today.
The modem’s reduced external components and 5×5 mm2 MLF (QFN) package make it the smallest and lowest cost solution in the market today. The device is truly a "one chip fits all" implementation for applications including set-top box, point-of-sale terminals, automatic teller machines, remote monitoring devices, metering devices, vending machines and smart card readers.
Another distinctive feature of this device is pin compatibility with Teridian’s 73M2901CL, and the new 73M1903 soft modem AFE. This offers customers a cost effective method to design for both hard or soft modem solutions in the same system as a risk-free cost reduction path.


  • V.22bis-2400bps and below single chip modem
  • V.23 with PAVI turnaround
  • Bell212 synchronous and asynchronous fast connect support
  • "AT" Command through standard UART
  • Worldwide Caller ID with Call Waiting
  • DPSK Fast Connects
  • DTMF Generation and Detection
  • Line in Use, Parallel Pick Up and Ring Detection in software
  • V.42/V.42bis/MNP2-4 Built-in Support
  • SMS Messaging Support
  • 32 QFN and 32 TQFP