General Description

The 73M2901CL is a single-chip modem that combines all the controller (DTE) and data pump functions necessary to implement an intelligent V.22bis data modem.

It is adequately suited for embedded applications where a data return channel is needed through the telephone network such as Set top Box, Point of Sale Terminal, Automatic Teller machine, Hand Held Communication Device and Smart Card Reader.This device is based on Teridian Semiconductor’s implementation of the industry standard 8032 microcontroller core with a proprietary multiply and accumulate (MAC) coprocessor; Sigma-Delta A/D and D/A converters; and an analog front end. The ROM and RAM necessary to operate the modem are contained on the device. Additionally, the 73M2901CL provides an on-chip oscillator and hybrid and analog line drivers.


  • True one chip solution for embedded systems
  • Low operating power
  • As low as 9.5mA with standby and power down mode available
  • 2.7V through 3.6V power supply
    • Data speed:
      V.22bis – 2400bps
      V.22/Bell212 – 1200bps
      V.21/Bell103 – 300bps
      V.23 – 1200/75bps (with PAVI turnaround)
      Bell202 – 1200bps
      Bell202/V23 4-wire operations
  • International Call Progress support
  • FCC68, CTR21, JATE, etc.
  • Worldwide Caller ID capability
  • Type I and II support EIA 716 compliant
  • DTMF generation and detection
  • On chip hybrid driver
  • Blacklisting capability
  • Line-In-Use and Parallel Pick-Up (911) detection capability
  • Manufacturing Self Test capability
  • Packaging:
  • 32 pin PLCC / 32 pin TQFP / 44 pin LQFP


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