Smart Card Terminal Controllers

General Description

The third member of the Teridian Semiconductor 73S11xx family of smart card terminal controllers, the 73S1112F, is a stripped down version of the full-featured 73S1121F. It shares the same digital platform (80C52 core with 64kB of Flash program memory and 4kB of user XRAM data memory, ISO7816 UART). It features a single built-in ISO7816 / EMV smart card interface and a serial interface for communicating with the external world. Additionally, it has a total of 11 digital user I/Os.

The 73S1112F is especially suitable for applications where a ready-to-use smart card reader capability must be incorporated into more complex designs such as payment systems, controlled access and identification terminals.


  • Microcontroller
    80C52 Core
    64KB internal Flash (Program Memory)
    1KB IRAM + 4KB internal XRAM (user data memory
    ROM Boot-loader enabling In-System-Programming (ISP) and In-Application-Programming (IAP) of the internal Flash
    128 Bytes Flash IFB (Information Block for serial #, firmware version…)
    Single low cost 12MHz crystal is required
  • Smart Card Interfaces
    ISO-7816 / EMV2000 smart card interfaces w/ embedded Step-up converter for 3V/5V smart-cards
    ISO-7816 UART (9600Kbps to 115Kbps with 12MHz crystal) for protocols T=0, T=1 with a dedicated 2-Byte FIFOs
    Auxiliary I/O lines for C4/C8 signals and UART bypass for synchronous card support
    Card clock stop high and low
    Card clock up to 7.2MHz
  • Peripherals
    (11) User I/Os
  • Communication
    (1) Serial interface 1200Kbps to 115Kbps
  • Security
    Embedded security fuses to permanently disable the In-System-Programming mode.
  • Software
    Two-level API (C-language libraries) for fast application development
    Demo smart-card reader application, with a sample of USB driver compatible with PC/SC and Microsoft® Windows™ Hardware Quality Laboratory test suite
  • Power Supply: Single 2.7V to 3.6V
  • Package: 44 LQFP