Smart Card Terminal Controllers

General Description

The TERIDIAN Semiconductor Corporation 73S1120F is a CMOS single chip dual ISO-7816 smart-card terminal micro-controller that implements all the functions required to build a low-cost dual smart-card terminal, suitable for various applications including EMVCo compliant payment terminals. Its enhanced set of features supports several configurations allowing low component count and a fast design cycle. Based on an 80C52 core, it incorporates communication and man-machine interfaces. The TERIDIAN 73S1120F device is applicable to either portable or host-connected applications. Embedded Flash memory makes the TERIDIAN 73S1120F a complete system-on-chip suitable for both development and production phases.


80C52 core: .. 12 clock-cycle / instruction .. CPU clocked up to 24MHz (with a 12MHz crystal) Memory: .. 64kB internal Flash (Program Memory) .. 128 Bytes Flash Info Memory Block .. Flash memory guaranteed for 10,000 erase-write cycles .. 1kB IRAM (internal RAM for registers) + 4kB internal XRAM (User Data Memory) .. Interface for external program / data memory .. Boot-ROM loader program allows both In-System- Programming and In-Application-Programming of the embedded flash (ISP and IAP modes) .. Flash PROM-programming mode .. ISP programming mode can be permanently disabled by protection fuses Oscillators: .. Single low-cost 12MHz crystal .. An Internal PLL provides all the necessary clocks to each block of the system Interrupts: .. Standard 80C52 2-priority level structure .. 8 different sources of interrupt Power Down Modes: .. 2 standard 80C52 Power Down and IDLE modes Timers: .. (3) Standard 80C52 timers T0, T1 and T2 (2) Built-in ISO-7816 card interfaces: .. (2) Independent step-up converters generate VCC for the card (3V or 5V) .. Compliant with EMV 4.0 (EMV2000) .. Activation/Deactivation sequencers .. Auxiliary I/O lines (C4-C8 signals) .. 4.5kV ESD protection on all interface pins Communication with smart cards: .. ISO-7816 UART 9600 to 115kbps (with 12MHz crystal) for protocols T=0, T=1 .. 2-Byte FIFO for transmit and receive .. Hardware support to manage additional external card interfaces Communication interfaces: .. Full-duplex serial interface (1200 to 115kbps UART) I/Os: .. (7) Dedicated LCD I/Os (Control of any external HD44780 standard LCD driver) – Can be also used as standard I/Os .. (8) User I/Os Operating Voltage: .. 2.7V to 3.6V Operating Temperature: .. 0°C to 85°C Package: .. 64 pin LQFP Software: .. Two-level Application Programming Interface (ANSI C-language libraries) .. T=0 T=1 and EMV-compliant smart card protocol layers