General Description

The TERIDIAN 73S1215F is a smart card reader controller with built-in ISO-7816 / EMV interface + USB device interface (full-speed 12Mbps – slave) and multiple I/Os, including a PINpad interface. The 73S1215F also features interrupts and current programmable outputs to drive external peripherals and LEDs,. A 32kHz sub-system oscillator with an independent real-time-clock counter enables unconnected applications to access a RTC value. The 73S1215F offers a cost effective solution to implement hand-held PINpad smart card readers, USB connected, standalone or combo. It is based on an 80515 core, an enhanced version of the industry standard 8052 operating at 1 clock cycle per instruction. As a result, it offers up to 24 MIPS of processing power, making possible application that require encryption of the PIN or high-speed operations that were not possible with traditional controllers used for low-cost PINpad card readers. The TERIDIAN 73S1215F is targeting EMV level 1 & 2 applications, as well as digital signature and e-banking applications such as MasterCard CAP. TERIDIAN Semiconductor provides with its silicon a comprehensive Application Programming Interface, which consists in a set of libraries in C language. It includes the smart card protocol layer – pre-approved against EMV4.1 and the USB protocol layer compliant with PC/SC specifications. A CCID reference design (embedded firmware and driver) are available under request.


  • 0515 core 1 clock-cycle / instruction24 MIPS
  • 64kB Flash Program Memory
  • 2kB data RAM (user XRAM)
  • Separated FIFOs for USB and ISO7816 UART
  • On-chip oscillator, with internal PLL (requires an external crystal, or an external clock source)
  • On-chip 32kHz sub-system oscillator, with independent RTC timer (requires an ext. crystal)
  • Smart Cards:
    • 1 built-in ISO7816-3 / EMV 4.1 electrical interface
    • Supported card voltages: 1.8V, 3V and 5V
    • 1 hardware ISO7816-4 / EMV 4.1 UART
    • An I2C master 400Kbps: allows connection of external card interfaces TERIDIAN 73S8010x
  • Communication:
    • USB Full-speed (12Mbps) with 4 Endpoints
    • Serial UART (asynchronous, up to 115Kbps)
  • I/Os:
    • 4 [2] Current outputs (programmable LEDs)
    • 1 Analog input (DC level monitoring)
    • 2 Direct external interrupts
    • 8 [16] General purpose I/Os
  • 4-wire “JTAG-like” Interface for in-system development, programming and debug
  • System Power Supplies Required:
    • 2.7V to 3.6V (digital)
    • 4.75V to 5.5V (analog)
  • 6kV ESD Protection on the card interface
  • Package: 68QFN, 44QFN and die form