DS3 / E3 / STS-1 Transceivers

General Description

The 78P2342JAT is a low-power dual-port DS3/E3/STS1 transceiver IC with integrated Jitter Attenuator (JAT). It includes clock recovery and transmitter pulse shaping functions for applications using 75-ohm coaxial cable at distances up to 1200 feet long end-to-end or up to 750ft long from a DS3 cross connect.

The receiver recovers clock and data from a B3ZS or HDB3 coded AMI signal. It can compensate for over 12dB of cable and 6dB of flat loss. The transmitter generates a signal that meets the standard pulse shape requirements. It has a selectable B3ZS/HDB3 ENDEC with a receive line code violation detector, a local and remote loop-back mode, an input receive MUX that can select a redundant channel, a clock polarity selection mode, and the ability to receive a DSX3 monitor signal.


  • Transformer or AC-coupled with capacitors
  • Standards-based LOS function
  • 78P2342JAT

    Optional serial-port based mode selection and channel status monitoring

  • Receiver AGC corrects for up to 6dB of flat loss
  • Adaptive digital clock recovery (requires line-rate precision reference clock input)
  • Receive output clock maintains nominal line-rate frequency at all times
  • Fully integrated Jitter Attenuation function provided for all line rates (no external VCXO required)
  • Jitter Attenuator configurable for transmit or receive path
  • Transmit line fault monitor
  • Requires no external current-setting resistor or loop filter components