OC-3 / STM-1 / STS-3 / E4 Transceivers

General Description

The 78P2352 is Teridian’s second generation Line Interface Unit (LIU) for 155 Mbit/s SDH/SONET (OC-3, STS-3, or STM-1) and 140 Mbit/s PDH (E4) applications. The device is a dual channel, single chip solution that includes an integrated CDR in the transmit path for flexible NRZ to CMI conversion. The device can interface to 75Ω coaxial cable using CMI coding or directly to a fiber optics module using NRZ coding. The 78P2352 is compliant with all respective ANSI, ITU-T, and Telcordia standards for jitter tolerance, generation, and transfer.


  • G.703 compliant, adjustable cable driver for 139.264 Mbps or 155.52 Mbps CMI-coded coax transmission
  • Integrated adaptive CMI equalizer and CDR in receive path handles over 12.7dB of cable loss
  • Serial, LVPECL system interface with integrated CDR in transmit path for flexible NRZ to CMI conversion.
  • 4-bit parallel CMOS system interface with master/slave Tx clock modes.
  • Selectable LVPECL compatible NRZ line interface for 155.52 Mbps optical transmission.

    Configurable via HW control pins or 4-wire serial port interface

  • Optional fixed backplane equalizer compensates for up to 1.5m of trace
  • Compliant with ANSI T1.105.03-1994; ITU-T G.751, G.813, G.823, G.825, G.958; and Telcordia
  • GR-253-CORE for jitter performance.Loss of Lock (LOL) and standards compatible Loss of
  • Signal (LOS) detection. Receive Monitor Mode handles up to 20dB of flat loss (at max 6dB cable loss)
  • Operates from a single 3.3V supply
  • Standard and thermally enhanced 128-pin JEDEC LQFP