ABB’s load automation solution demonstrated in Grid4EU project in Germany

ABB has developed an ‘advanced load-grid automation solution’ which has been integrated into the European Union’s Grid4EU project. The project tests the potential of smart grids in areas such as renewable energy integration, electric vehicle development, grid automation, energy storage, energy efficiency and load reduction.

The grid automation technology has been integrated into the local grid network and monitors load conditions with the result of being able to automatically adapt to changes in demand. The solution features various control functions which enhances the reliability of the electricity network, assists in the detection of faults and allows generators to supply consumers directly, reducing the probability of line losses.

ABB is participating in three of the Grid4EU’s six demonstration installations. The company has collaborated with RWE and TU Dortmund in demo 1 situated in Reken, Germany. Apart from its technical expertise, ABB has contributed its remote terminal units which determines and optimises conditions in medium voltage networks.

Claudio Facchin, head of ABB’s Power Systems division said in a press release: ‘The implementation of this pilot project is another step in the development of a digital grid.

‘ABB already offers a number of products, systems and services for the automation of distribution networks, ensuring flexibility while maintaining reliability and this is the latest example of how ABB is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with distribution grid automation.’

The objective, says ABB  ‘Is to demonstrate that autonomous systems using agent functions for surveillance and automated control of medium-voltage networks can become an industrial solution for better management of medium-voltage networks’.