About Inepro Industries Limited


Inepro Industries Limited is a member of the Inepro Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of top quality electricity meters and current transformers. Based in Leimuiden of the Netherlands, the Inepro Group is acclaimed for its expertise in developing innovative designs and producing products of a high standard.

In 2005, the Inepro Group implemented its plan of expansion and founded Inepro Industries Limited in Hong Kong, where a regional sales office has been formed to specialise in sales enquiries and business of a brand new product line of water and electricity meters with prepay chip cards. As a manufacturer, the strategic location of the Hong Kong sales office enables the Group to monitor the operation of a production plant and implement quality control and inspection on a regular basis.

Inepro Industries Limited understands that competitive pricing is a key element for success. In addition Inepro Industries Limited has adopted a down-to-earth approach when doing its business. Good quality always comes first. Quick delivery and good service will be guaranteed and perceived as value-added features to the brand.

The Inepro Group has gained reputation and acclaim for its good service and high standard of products all over the world. Inepro Industries Limited aims to provide its clients with not just what they need but solutions to their problems. As an energetic and innovative company, Inepro Industries Limited has wide experience in product design and end-to-end product development. In addition the Group’s extensive experience in distribution and logistics management also enables it to meet its global clients’ requirements and match their pace for growth.

DMMetering in Inepro Industries Limited was founded in 1992, integrating scientific research and production with after sales service. With more than 15 years’ experience, DMMetering is a specialised company producing kWh meters and test equipment. The company has developed all kinds of single phase and three-phase electronic and mechanical type kWh meters, prepayment solutions and DIN rail kWh meters. The latest innovation includes the smallest electricity meter in the world. DMMetering also provides a 5 year warranty on the newly developed PRO Series kWh meters. All products have been thoroughly tested and are manufactured according to the highest ISO and EN standards. A number of KEMA, UL/ULc and MID approvals are awaited.