INNER-TITE Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of the highest quality meter locking devices, meter seals and a host of mechanical accessories sold exclusively to utility companies in the United States and in over 30 other countries. 


INNER-TITE Corp. is proud to serve the Electric, Gas, Water and Cable TV utilities industry through the design, manufacture and sale of innovative mechanical security devices. Since 1932, INNER-TITE has specialized in developing the highest quality security products. INNER-TITE is recognized as the leading supplier of meter locking devices, meter seals and a host of mechanical accessories used widely by profit-driven utility companies to enhance and protect revenues. INNER-TITE main offices and 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant are located in the town of Holden in central Massachusetts

.Inner-Tite Corporate Headquarters

To design, manufacture and ship on time the highest quality products for our customers. To listen to, understand and respond to our customers’ needs. To maintain the highest level of integrity in the products we sell and the relationships we value.


INNER-TITE Corp. offers utility companies a diverse array of meter locking devices, meter seals and accessories to prevent energy theft. Our locking devices provide various
levels of security for ring style and ringless meter sockets, AMR meters, C.T. cabinets, pedestals and padmount transformers. Gas utility locking devices include valve locks, pipe thread locks plus tools and accessories to accommodate a wide variety of needs. Our meter seals offer the highest level of tamper resistance giving our customers a dependable, early warning sign of energy theft. INNER-TITE products make revenue protection, theft prevention and credit and collection duties easier, efficient and more effective. All INNER-TITE products are made with premium materials, manufactured under strict quality control standards, and are designed to maximize your investment. With more than 58 patents and over 30 years in the revenue protection business, INNER-TITE boasts a rich history of product design and innovation. We are an ISO 9001 Certified corporation ensuring that our customers will only receive the finest quality products. Visit our Plant Tour page for a brief overview of our facility.

We are 100% committed to exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We give our customers complete access to all of our resources – engineering, manufacturing, sales, customer service – a total company wide commitment to help our customers find the best solution for a particular problem or special project.