About Philip E. Lewis and Jessica Strí¶mbí¤ck


Regional Editors: Scandinavia


Philip E. Lewis

A leading international specialist in utility customer behavior and psychology, Dr Lewis has conducted energy markets research and consultancy during the past 12 years in over 50 countries for over 200 organizations. He has also worked extensively at an industry and market-wide level, having for instance written major reports for the European Regulator’s Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG). He is on the editorial board of the European journal “Energy Efficiency,” was founding chief editor of the Energyforum Global Report, and has chaired and co-organized more than 20 high level conferences around the world. He was formerly head of marketing research and analysis for UK based retailing subsidiaries of what are now BP Amoco and Edf, during the onset of competition in the British retail energy market. He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Jessica Strömbäck
Senior Partner, VaasaETT

Jessica Strömbäck specializes in smart metering, demand response and customer psychology. She has worked on projects for such companies as Nuon, EDF, Capgemini, RWE, Schneider Electric, and CREIPI of Japan. She is currently collecting and correlating research findings and case studies for the Global Energy Think Tank’s Demand Response Tracker and is project manager for “Respond 2009,” a one-year in-depth multi-client study of smart meter based programs which includes the U.S., Japan, the EU 15, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.