About Teridian


Teridian Semiconductor Corporation, based in Irvine, California, designs and develops analog and mixed-signal Integrated circuits. Our products play a primary role in converting the real world of temperature, light, and sound into digital signals used in a wide selection of applications such as electricity meters, point of sale terminals, alarms systems, satellite set top boxes, broadband networks, factory automation and cellular base stations.

Since our founding in the early 1980’s as part of Silicon Systems, our mission has been to continuously provide innovative silicon solutions to our customers on a timely basis that in turn allowed them a sustained advantage versus their competition. Today, Teridian Semiconductor Corp. provides our customers world-class solutions based in CMOS technology, that reduces board space, decreases power consumption, and lowers customers’ bill of materials. These benefits provide the customer state of the art process technology and cost savings while also significantly improving time to market as part of the design-in process.


As a fabless semiconductor company we have the flexibility to design our products in a variety of process technologies that allow for reliable, mass production of the company’s products at the most well known third party semiconductor foundries in the world. Some current examples of these high volume applications are as follows:

  •  More than 80 million modems shipped for applications such as set-top boxes, point of sale terminals, pay phones, security systems and other embedded applications;
  •  More than 8 million meter IC’s sold to the world’s largest industrial meter manufacturers;
  •  More than 10 million smart card readers sold for authentication in the satellite set top box and digital television market;
  •  More than 25 million 10/100 Ethernet physical layer adapters (PHYs) sold to connect desktops, laptops, game consoles, printers, broadband modems and other devices to LANs;
  •  More than 3 million high speed (DS3/E3/STS-1) transceivers shipped to the world’s leading networking and communication products customers

In addition to utilizing third party foundry suppliers, Teridian also utilizes the largest test and assembly services providers, allowing for a comprehensive selection of package options, coupled with capacity that is scaleable.

As Teridian Semiconductor Corporation moves into our 3rd decade, we continue to be driven by the same goal – provide innovative silicon solutions to our customers. This goal has allowed us to be a leader in mixed-signal technology and has put our customers at the front end of innovative technology.