Account reviewers guide to electric meter troubleshooting


‘An Account Reviewers Guide to Electric Meter Troubleshooting’ is intended to provide a troubleshooting guide for electric utility account reviewers, billing personnel and meter technicians.

reviewers guide

The handbook contains some of the most common metering errors that can cause severe billing problems if not located and corrected before customers are billed. It includes a CD, which can be used for presentation and training, as well as printable wiring diagrams for electric meter installations and an electric meter database.

Also included is a graphing program to be used to graph daily electric loads.

The handbook will utilize knowledge of meter testing procedures combined with account reviewing to make sure customers are billed correctly. It includes examples of errors that were caused by the various problems associated with account reviewing.
Managers, meter technicians, meter supervisors, billing supervisors, meter coordinators and any personnel responsible for the correct billing of utility customers, should have this handbook on their bookshelves.

The list price is $249.95 for colour handbook and CD with printable wiring diagrams, database and graphing program.

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