ACE 100 Range


Backed by our long experience in precise, dependable, metering technology, Actaris electromechanical single phase meters are particularly suitable for utilities seeking reliability and cost-effectiveness.
The ACE 100 meter portfolio groups all long life, residential electromechanical meters which measure the active energy in single phase installations .
These meters use the Ferraris measurement principle, where the rotating magnetic field generated by the current and voltage of the electrical consumer acts on a rotor disk. The measurement results are indicated on a cyclometric register.
The ACE100 product variants have been developed to meet the requirements of the main international and many national standards:

ACE100 M2X: IEC 60 521, BS 60 5685 and specific Indian standards
ACE100 M0X: IEC 60 521, BS 60 5685 and specific Indian standards
ACE100 S16X: IEC 60 521 Class 2, approved by NMI
ANSI approved: ACE100 SL1621S, socket connected meter
Germany, Poland: ACE100 A49, DIN 57 418, approved by PTB
Portugal, Spain and Baltic States: ACE100 P10/E2X, DIN version
Hungary and Bulgaria: ACE100 H10, DIN version
ACE 100 RangeBrazil and South-America: ACE100 SL1621/1631