ACE100 M0X

The ACE100 type M0X is a class 2, basic residential electromechanical meter which measures the active energy in single phase installations. The ACE100 M0X uses the same long life and high quality metrology as other members of the ACE100 product family. The state of the art product design is specially optimised to reach the best functional value at a minimum product cost.

The new product although it does not offer the whole variety the functions of our ACE100 range, fully meets customer’s needs and offers the same security and solid quality level of other Actaris products.

The ACE100 M0X has a new meter housing with smaller dimensions compared to other models of the range and it uses the latest evolutions of technology efficiently.

The ACE100 type M0X has approval by NMI, LMK (Indonesia) and National Metrology of India.

ACE100 type MOX