Electronic Single Phase Meter

The Actaris ACE1000 type 282 electronic meter with LCD is a compact electronic credit BS meter for single-phase residential applications. It is available as a single or two rate product with external tariff switching. 
Specifically designed to provide cost-effective, entry level functionality for customer revenue metering,  the ACE1000 type 282 combines modern metering technology with a long life, high resolution Liquid Crystal Display to deliver outstanding performance.

This meter has a significantly reduced footprint compared with more traditional metering equipment, and is simple to install, store and transport.

ACE1000 type 282


  1. Hello

    I have an ACE 1000 type 282 in my house, and I have been able to read the Day and E7 readings easily enough.

    Having just received an email from my supplier requesting a reading, I find the LCD display is showing a total reading (both tariffs combined) down to two decimal places. This flashes off briefly every ten seconds. On the left of the display are four dots.

    Pressing the blue toggle button brings up a display 02.06
    Pressing it again brings up the daytime reading.
    However, these readings/displays do not last. They both flip back to the total display.
    When these two displays are on, the four dots start to flash.

    Any ideas, anybody, please ?