ACE2000 A14


Multifunction Single Phase Meter

ACE2000 A14 is designed for electricity utilities’ residential, single-phase customers, that provides on-site testing facilities as well as measuring energy consumption by tariff period.

ACE2000 A14 can be read and programmed with a Hand Held Unit (HHU) via a communication bus complying with IEC1142 (Euridis protocol) via a specific modem. Communication may either be local to each meter, or through a bus for reading at a distance of up to 100 meters.

The Ripple Control Receiver built into ACE2000 A14 is fully programmable for remote controlled rate switching (up to 6 rates and registers) and direct load control via two output contacts.

Information is available via a display or via a twisted pair link connected to an Energy Management Unit or a PC (Customer Information Link). This feature gives the consumer the opportunity to manage in real time and optimise consumption according to the tariff option chosen. Alternatively, this link can be used as a conventional pulse output.

ACE2000 A14