Multifunction Single Phase Meter

Designed for residential customers, the ACE2000 SIR2E single-phase meter is for direct connected supplies of less than 12kVA. Equipped with an integrated remote control receiver and two output relays, it offers multi-tarification and load shedding functions.

Subscribed power tariffs can be programmed locally with push buttons or remotely with Euridis Bus.
The ACE2000 SIR2E meters can be read remotely at a distance of up to 100 meters via a hand held unit (HHU) using a communication bus with the Euridis Protocol (Standard CEI 1142, then CEI 62056-31). The remote readings are reliable and data can be transferred quickly to the billing system.
Additional information such as meter operation, tampering and excursions from contracted power limits is also collected.

The Remote Customer Information Link output transfers a continuous data flow, enabling the customer to manage consumption better than with a subscribed contract.