ACE300 Range


Electromechanical Polyphase Meters

The ACE300 meter series fully meets electricity suppliers’ three-phase electromechanical requirements. Based on the Ferraris principle, these meters have a modern, dual disc design, ensuring high measurement accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

ACE300 meters are particularly suitable for residential applications with asymmetric (DIN) or symmetric (UTE) connection standards using a single or double-rate structure. A number of upgraded variants are available for commercial and low industrial applications, such as CT or CT and VT connection, reactive energy measurement, accuracy class 1. By means of an optional S0 pulse output, all ACE300 meters can be adapted for integration into systems such as AMR or Prepayment.

Products available:
ACE300 B114: 3-phase 3-wire meter, class 2 
ACE300 B116: 3-phase 3-wire meter, class 1, for transformer connection only
ACE300 C114: 3-phase 4-wire meter, class 2 
ACE300 C116: 3-phase 4-wire meter, class 1, for transformer connection only
Spain: ACE300 E2Y, DIN version
Spain: ACE300 E3Y, DIN version for reactive energy 
Portugal: ACE300 P30, DIN version, includes hybrid version
South America: ACE300 MV,  3-phase 3-wire meter for direct connection
South America: ACE300 MY,  3-phase 4-wire meter for direct connection