ACE3000 type 260


Electronic Polyphase Meter

Actaris has added the 3-phase 4-wire static residential meter ACE3000 type 260 to its product portfolio. This compact, cost-effective meter offers a clearly structured LCD and an optical data interface for local automatic meter reading.
Proven measurement technology and top quality manufacturing processes guarantee accuracy and reliability for its entire lifespan, so the meter is supplied closed and no inspection is necessary.
Compact design and light weight makes the ACE3000 type 260 easy to handle for large scale residential installations. 
With various configuration options for single and double tariff billing systems, the ACE3000 type 260 can also be used for low commercial and industrial applications. Apart from the terminal distances the meter meets the DIN standard.
The optional S0 pulse output, programmable for energy pulses or as serial pulse output, provides advanced capabilities for AMR.

ACE 3000 260