Multi Function Polyphase Electronic Meter

The static multi function meter ACE6000 DC3 offers flexible configuration options, user friendliness and robust design. It is suitable for measuring active and reactive energy in all 4 quadrants for direct connection up to 100A and for CT respective CT/VT connection. Tariff control can either be external, or via the integrated ripple control receiver of the time switch. The optional load profile recorder can be programmed for both energy or average power values.
Apart from the optical interface, different electrical interfaces can be provided for data communication, such as CL0, RS232 or RS485. A range of tariff functions, with very high flexibility in the layout of I/O functions makes the ACE6000 DC3 adaptable to most commercial and industrial applications.
Proven measurement technology provides long-term stability and high accuracy for a wide dynamic range. 

ACE6000 DC3