Active Smart Grid Analyticsâ„¢ Maximizing Your Smart Grid Investment


In the United States alone, it is estimated that over the next 20 years $880 billion will be spent by utilities on metering, communications, and distribution and transmission improvements. Business cases abound, projecting savings from how personnel, energy, and infrastructure can all be used more efficiently. In addition to utility-side efficiency improvements, end consumers presented with more complete, timely and accurate information—along with price incentives—are projected to change how they use energy in ways that reduce their own costs, and in so doing create efficiency-related benefits for utility companies as well as our environment.

In this paper, we introduce the blueprint of Active Smart Grid Analytics™—a powerful platform where business value is derived from analytics driven by Smart Grid information. We further explain how, through an integrated business view, Active Smart Grid Analytics enables smarter, faster decisions while lower operating costs.
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