ADD GRUP profile
ADD GRUP is a group of dynamically developing private companies specialized in the design, development, production, implementation and technical support of solutions in the field of automated meter reading for energy resources consumption (electricity, gas, water and heat markets, as well as street lighting market).

All that is needed …
We offer complex solutions to our partners. They include practically every component, necessary to build modern system of remote metering and consumption management. In order to assemble the system according to the list of special requirements, it is necessary simply to select and put together our modules (hardware and software) to get the necessary system functionality.

ADDAX Technology
We have developed and are using now our own production technology and concepts of metering systems deployment under trade name ADDAX Technology. This product provides us with considerable competitive advantage, and it also serves as a reference point for many other manufacturers.

Communication solutions
We offer advanced and complete communication solutions for remote data collection and energy management systems. The concepts of ADDAX.Net (distribution network data transmission systems) deployment, developed by our engineers, are unique on the metering systems market.