2008, March, 05 – ADD GRUP’s partner on Brazilian market – ITRON Corporation (USA) has started in the end of year 2007 the installation of ADDAX IMS pilot project in the distribution networks of LIGHT Servicios De Electricitade.

Being one of the biggest electrical distribution companies in Brazil, Light’s customer base counts today more than 3.8 mln. people. The deployment of ADDAX IMS project was initiated within the frames of the anti tampering campaign.

During last year, around 290 000 electrical energy tampering cases were detected. Another reason for the deployment of ADDAX IMS was the automation of the Energy Consumption Management.

The implemented solution is based on PLC communications, which allows reducing considerably communications costs.
Itron Corporation, owing to the fact of acquisition in 2007 of ELO SISTEMAS E TECNOLOGIA LTDA, possesses the license for the manufacture of ADDAX equipment in the territory of Brazil. This fact allows direct shipment of equipment to Brazilian customers, from Itron’s factory in Brazil.

So far 40 000 meters and 1000 Routers have been installed with the possibility of further on roll out of the project.