Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI)


Entity Group’s smart metering offering, Horizon, encompasses a broad spectrum of innovative products, systems and services. Entity Group is continuously moving with the changing demands of the market, leading the way in technology ability and know how.
Our smart metering (AMI) capability features:

Demand-side management

  • Remotely operable connect/disconnect.
  • Twin-element metering.
  • Energy consumption monitoring and management.
  • Auto-commissioning.
  • Remote firmware, programming and configuration updates.
  • Public/private network gateway support for devices enabling two-way communication to the ‘outside  world’, using remote communications options such as GSM and DLC.
  • Data links to energy retailer systems and MOP/DC systems.
  • Four-quadrant electricity metering and intelligent gas metering.

Our smart metering solutions are compatible with our range of in-home displays to create a complete Advanced Metering Infrastructure:

  • SRSM compliant measurement devices (electricity/gas meters) with credit and pre-payment modes, offering the ability to remotely switch between the two modes.  
  • Real-time displays linked to electricity and gas meters.  
  • Appliance control interfaces.
  • Wireless communication (in-home) between measurement devices, real time displays, appliance control interfaces.