Advanced metering applications available over mesh networking platform

MunetLexington, MA, USA — (METERING.COM) — August 28, 2006 – Continuing its nine-year tradition of building advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems designed around IP and other open standards, muNet has introduced the WebGate TotalPoint™ System. It utilizes IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee networking standards to create the WebGate IP Extension Mesh™, an always-on, two-way wireless mesh network for meter data collection that can interface with any IP-based broadband network for real-time communication and meter data back-haul.

The TotalPoint System creates a mesh network that maximizes range through intelligent routing, ensures redundancy with dynamic self-healing properties, and enables advanced metering applications such as on-demand reads, TOU rate programs, and remote disconnect/reconnect.

Integrated under-the-glass of leading solid state metrology, TotalPoint Meter Interface Modules collect time-stamped interval data and store the information on-board in non-volatile memory. It is then transmitted via the WebGate IP Extension Mesh to IP gateways, which seamlessly connect to any available broadband WAN technology for meter data back-haul. The TotalPoint System uses Ethernet, fiber, WiFi, DS2 and HomePlug-compliant broadband over powerline and HFC cable networks for back-haul purposes.

The TotalPoint System has been specifically designed around open protocols and standards-based networking technologies that enable utilities to leverage existing shared cost communications infrastructure.