Advanced Metering Data Systems – Reliable. Connected. Performance. Now.


By the late 1990s, AMDS had begun developing a new generation of metering communications designed to meet the challenges of a new era of AMR requirements for the 21st century. This continuum of development experience has been leveraged by AMDS to create an advanced AMR system that will meet the most stringent performance requirements and business challenges facing today’s electricity, gas and water providers.


The heart of the AMDS network architecture is AMDS Connect, a fixed network AMR system where true two-way RF modules communicate directly to receivers installed at towers. From the tower receiver, the meter data goes directly back to the utility – not to an intermediate collection facility that adds cost and complexity to the initial system purchase, as well as to system support over the life of the deployment.

Unmatched reliability is achieved by expansive tower receiver coverage of metering end-points, data/message redundancy, and fail-over backup provisions. AMDS Connect is the only AMR system approved by the FCC to operate a mass deployed utility system on primary-use FCC protected radio spectrum. This means that the system is immune to widely deployed bar code readers, city-wide wireless  internet deployments and hundreds of other radio products that operate in the spread spectrum bands. AMDS Connect is the only system that can guarantee utilities a 30-year radio network deployment free from interference and jamming.

Seamless communications within a utility’s meter deployment is delivered on a turnkey basis by AMDS via:

• Ownership of nationwide spectrum
• Master agreements with nationwide owners of existing radio towers
• Elimination of easement and access issues (e.g. no pole top data collectors)
• Monthly network monitoring and maintenance service (including software maintenance and upgrades that ensure the data is available when needed).

The AMDS Connect system is designed around three core concepts:

Through the patented 7FSK radio modulation and the dedicated licensed spectrum on which the system operates, users are guaranteed an uninterrupted communications link to the meter. Because of the dedicated spectrum and FCC licence, this link is available any time of the day on an uninterrupted basis for 20, 25, 30 years or more. Backup tower coverage and redundant data transmission from the meter also offers unmatched reliability. Uninterrupted by hurricanes and ice storms, dense vegetation, hilly and mountainous terrains where cellular phones cannot reach, AMD  deployments have been proven to deliver hourly reads  with virtually 100% communications.

The patented AMDS Connect modulation technique and DSPbased tower receivers operate reliably over a 5-10 mile range, and address the challenges of AMR deployment in diverse terrains over a utility’s entire service area. This long range creates a large coverage area with minimal infrastructure, making strategic or rural deployments economical within a single project. As such, a utility can incrementally expand the project into a saturation deployment at a pace consistent with its specific needs and budget. This same network also has the ability to support demand-side management functions through its two-way communications functionality.

AMDS Connect is a single-tier system, direct from the meter to the tower-sited receiver. Through the design of the AMDS receivers, three towers can cover hundreds of square miles. Additionally, AMDS handles the siting, installation and management of the network, providing the utility with a seamless network installation. The simplicity of the system is unmatched in the industry, which translates directly into reduced O&M costs. This inherent efficiency allows AMDS to deliver fixed-based performance at drive-by operating costs.


No other AMR provider can match the simplicity, functionality, reliability, flexibility and longevity offered by AMDS. AMDS Connect seamless network architecture includes patented AMR endpoints, network infrastructure build-out and backend hardware and software at the utility site. Once deployed, the AMDS network monitoring and maintenance service (which also includes system software maintenance and upgrades) provides additional assurance that your AMR system will continue to operate at optimal performance levels for the life of your deployment, now… and for decades to come.