Advanced Metering Opportunity Map 2006 – 2007


With advanced metering growing at around 20 percent annually what developments are predicted for this industry in the future?

Advanced metering began as a simple labor saving device but has emerged as the keystone to the smart grid of the future. As entire regions modernize, its growth will increase dramatically. But breakthrough technologies threaten legacy systems. Offshore manufacturers are poised to push prices down. And the battle over communications standards threatens to strand companies that bet wrong.

This report offers various predictions on developments for the future of the smart metering industry:

  • Advanced Metering has reached a tipping point and will begin to predominate in new utility deployments
  • Prices for two-way capability will drop fast (50% by 2009), delivering advanced functionality at today’s basic AMR prices
  • Integrated, commodity packages will replace today’s custom-built modular approach
  • Consolidation will continue in the market, as today’s eight tier one suppliers fight to be one of only three to five remaining global players by 2011  
  • ZigBee will have a significant role for mass market roll outs.

The Advanced Metering Opportunity Map provides:

  • An overview of all customer segments and their buying triggers
  • Explanations of all major technologies and where they are heading
  • Analyses of established and emerging vendors, their strengths and their challenges
  • Exclusive “compass point” predictions that identify emerging trends and disruptive changes.

Virtually every aspect of metering technology is in the midst of rapid change. Understanding these changes and placing the right bets will be crucial to the success of metering companies large and small.

Price:  $2,500 (PDF)

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