Advanced metering to tackle effect of poor payers in Dominican Republic


Celso Marranzini,
Executive Vice
President, CDEEE
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic — (METERING.COM) — July 2, 2010 – An advanced metering system is to be introduced shortly in the Dominican Republic to mitigate the effect of poor payers on those who pay their electricity bills on time.

Making the announcement Celso Marranzini, executive vice president of the Corporación Dominicana de Empresas Eléctricas Estatáles (CDEEE), said he considered it unfair that there are people who religiously pay for their energy, but suffer the penalty of interruptions of service because of neighbors who are reluctant to pay.

The system will be introduced initially for customers who consume 600 kW and above.

Further there will be a reclassification of the supply circuits and some circuits currently classified “A,” which receive 24 hours of electricity per day, would be reclassified to receive power in accordance with the level of collection. Under the new classification an “A” circuit must have losses not exceeding 15 percent and a collection rate of at least 95 percent.

In the case of a “B” circuit, which receives 21 hours of electricity, the losses should be less than 20 percent and the collection should be 85 percent. In a “C” circuit with 18 hours of supply, the figures are 25 percent and 80 percent, while circuits with losses exceeding 25 percent and collections less than 80 percent will receive 14 hours of electricity.

Marranzini also took the opportunity in his announcement to encourage the electricity distribution companies to manage their businesses with passion, applying managerial mechanisms to reduce losses, increase collections, and reduce operating expenses.

Losses are a major problem in the Dominican Republic, with the major cause being illegal connections, and are estimated at around US$200 million per annum.