Agbay Barrel Lock & Key


The AGBAY Barrel Lock and Key from INNER-TITE is the highest security barrel lock and key system on the market today. The Agbay Lock features six rotating disks that when rotated into the proper position, will open the lock. Unlike other rotating disk style locks, the patented Agbay design has introduced spiral shaped working surfaces on the disks, obstructing attempts at picking the lock thereby insuring maximum protection. The key is computer designed to precisely fit your specific Agbay Lock combination. U.S. Patent Number 5,086,631.

Features & Benefits


  • Patented spiral disk design
  • High security – obstructs picking attempts
  • Same dimensions as traditional barrel locks
  • Thousands of combinations available
  • Protection against drilling attempts
  • Small keyhole restricts visual inspection
  • Available with the Internal Weather Seal 


  • Small profile will fit on a keychain
  • Solid hardened alloy steel construction
  • No moving parts to break or jam
  • Key complexity restricts duplication attempts
  • Durable – Key features 10 year warranty

System Options

Anti-Rotation Lock and Key

All rotating disk design barrel locks have a tendency to spin when operated with a key. Inner-Tite has solved this problem with the introduction of the Anti-Rotation Lock and Key. The Anti-Rotation Key features a Notched Body that, when the key is inserted into the lock, will engage the corresponding "Ears" on the lock head. While holding the key body, the key handle is rotated to install or remove the lock without spinning the lock. 
Master and Grand Master Key Programs

The Agbay Lock and Key System features built-in Master and Grand Master Key Programs, permitting utilities to easily plan for future upgrades to their locking system.

  • Level 1 Key operates a Level 1 Lock only.
  • Level 2 Master Key is the first tier upgrade. The Level 2 Key allows the user to open both Level 1 and Level 2 Locks.
  • Level 3 Grand Master Key operates all Level 1, 2 and 3 Locks.
    This multilevel upgrade feature of the Agbay Lock & Key System allows the utility to maintain high levels of security and establish a secure locking hierarchy.

                                                                          INNER-TITE Agbay Barrel Lock & Key