Aguas de Antofagasta implements water infrastructure monitoring deployment


Antofagasta, Chile, and Yehud, Israel — (METERING.COM) — September 13, 2011 – Chilean water utility Aguas de Antofagasta, which supplies water to the city of Antofagasta and the copper mines that surround it, has recently implemented a water infrastructure monitoring program.

Antofagasta is in the Atacama desert, which is one of the world’s dryest, with minimal rainfall. The mining industry relies on water, and water scarcity in the region is a challenge. As a result, the utility desalinates most of its water supplies, operating the largest desalination plant in Latin America.

The implementation, from water infrastructure monitoring company TaKaDu, uses existing meter and sensor readings with advanced algorithms to detect, alert and accurately identify network events, such as leaks, bursts and other inefficiencies. Its software-as-a-service delivery model makes it quick to set up and easy to use.

Water infrastructure monitoring gives water utilities real time knowledge and alerts about leaks and other problems in their water distribution infrastructure.

“At Aguas de Antofagasta, we believe that investing in innovation and technology can make a positive impact on the water supply and economy of the region”, said Marco Kutulas Peet, general manager of Aguas de Antofagasta. “Reducing water loss, operating more efficiently and improving quality of service and water continuity are key goals for us.”