AMI – a reality for some


AMI – a reality for some

Even though AMI is not a new concept, energy utilities are finding that it is becoming a reality sooner than expected. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 elevated the importance of providing consumers with more sophisticated tools for managing their consumption and rewarding them when they use energy wisely. And according to Energy Insights industry analyst Karen Blackmore, regulatory directives are now the leading driver for smart metering.

For any utility – investor-owned, publicly-owned, large or small – wanting to survive in today’s increasingly competitive market, deploying smart metering in some form or another is a non-negotiable – as is attending the 8th annual Metering, Billing/CIS America conference and exhibition, taking place May 7–11, 2007 in San Antonio, Texas.

This event will highlight why utilities, government and the industry are taking the direction that they are, with insight from, among others:

  • Frederick Weston, Director, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), VT, USA
  • Angela S. Beehler, Director of Energy Regulation, Wal-Mart, TX, USA
  • Aaron J. Johnson, Deputy Director, Division of Ratepayer Advocates, CPUC, CA, USA
  • Barry Perlmutter, Senior Analyst, Massachusetts Dept. of Telecommunications & Energy, MA, USA
  • Shane Pospisil, President and CEO, Ontario Energy Association, ON, Canada
  • Dan Sharplin, Chairman, Site Controls, TX, USA
  • Paul Wattles, Demand Side Resource Coordinator, ERCOT, TX, USA

AMI opens the way for a range of advanced energy management options, among them the provision of energy efficiency. Writing in Smart Energy International magazine issue 1/2007, Harvey Michaels, CEO of Nexus Energy Solutions, comments that efficiency as a technology has a potential impact over the next 10 years that is likely to be larger, cheaper, and cleaner than any other alternative – and at Metering, Billing/CIS America Michaels will review the contribution of AMI to explain why.

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