Aneel calls for comment on external metering regulation


Brasilia, Brazil — (METERING.COM) — July 25, 2007 – Brazil’s energy regulator Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (Aneel) is calling for comment on a resolution on metering external to customers’ residences.

The aim of the consultation is to update an earlier Resolution (258/2003), to take account of advances in technology in metering and communications, and also to harmonise the regulations concerning external and traditional metering.
Key proposals for customers with external metering include the provision by the utility of an in-home display to enable the customers to check their consumption, and the provision of daily consumption information on their monthly bill. Also the utility should be able to provide such information through its customer call center.

It is also proposed to change the procedure for the correction of bills in the case of billing irregularities to cover more than one billing cycle.

External metering, i.e. the meter external to the customer’s dwelling with or without automatic meter reading, was introduced in Brazil by the Belem utility Celpa (Centrais Elétricas do Pará S/A) in 1999 in order to reduce the high level of non-technical losses and meter tampering being experienced. Its use is now becoming more widespread across the country with at least six utilities with large-scale implementations, pilot projects or projects awaiting authorisation.