Apex is a high accuracy metering system for bulk supply point metering. Apex is the answer to utility pursuit to a flexible interface on high accuracy meter. Apex can interface to almost any available communication media. The modular structural design of the system enables it to on a standard 19" rack installation in a substation. Apex is the pioneer of the concept of overall metering accuracy by facilitating dynamic compensation for current and voltage transformer errors.

The Apex metering system offers:

  • Class 0.2s accuracy as per IEC60687.
  • Full 4 quadrant metering.
  • 19" Rack mounted structure.
  • Draw out metering module.
  • Error compensation for external instrument transformers (CT/VT)
  • AC/DC auxiliary supply support.
  • Availability based tariff (ABT) implementation.
  • Flexible tariff application.
  • Optical port for local data transfer.
  • Serial port for remote data transfer.
  • Real time data communication facility.
  • Configurable load profiles.
  • Optional interfaces to GSM/VSAT/PLCC etc.
  • Digital summation capability (Standard/differential summation).
Securemeter apex 2
Securemeter apex