Apex meters are the most advanced metering products to be released by PRI. A further evolution of the company’s world renowned CALMU technology, it has reached unsurpassed levels of metering accuracy. Moreover, Apex meters offer a powerful, flexible metering platform, with better price performance than traditional High Voltage metering equipment.

The Apex metering system offers:

· OFGEM approved to IEC60687 for class 0.5s and 0.2s.

· The most compact metering system of its type in the world, Apex incorporates up to four completely independent metering modules in a standard 19" sub-rack. Either 3-wire or 4-wire, 1A or 5A, each metering module is self-shorting, allowing easy maintenance and removing the need for isolation at the panel test block.

· Current and voltage transformer error compensation for true high accuracy performance. Furthermore, Apex supports transformer loss compensation, for installation of the APEX on the low voltage side of a supply transformer whilst providing accurate registration of the primary power on the high voltage side.

· Commissioning and maintenance of complex metering equipment kept simple. Each Apex metering module carries its own independent communications port so that meter reading or programming can be carried out prior to installation, and at any time during service, without affecting other metering modules in the same sub-rack.

· Comprehensive data storage is a must for managing complex energy flows across electricity supply networks. Each Apex metering module can collect and store data for all four quadrants using the Apex load survey capability.

· Each sub-rack carries its own programmable 80 character alpha-numeric back lit LCD.

· Reliable communication with your metering system is vital. Apex meters can provide the combination of independent communication ports require for reliable data transfer. The Apex metering system offers multiple levels of protection and security through a dedicated integral power supply and modem. In the unlikely event of a voltage supply failure, Apex will default to the station auxiliary DC supply.

· Summation metering. The Apex can perform online summation for the metering modules in the sub-rack. Alternatively the Apex can accept pulse inputs from external meters that require summation.