Asia Utility Meter Market Heats Up!


Metering, Billing/CRM Asia 2009, supported by Asean Centre for Energy (ACE), the 35th international and 4th Asian metering, billing and customer relationship management conference and exhibition (12-14 May 2009, The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand) offers a targeted platform to gain in-depth insights into the drivers of the Asian utility industry to invest in new metering, billing and customer service systems and solutions.

Over half of the world’s meter demand is in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region accounts for approximately 60% of all meter demand. The Asia Pacific Region is at the verge of entering into a huge growth phase of Automatic Meter Reading and the AMR market size is expected to reach $1.22 billion by 2015! This timely 35th international Metering, Billing/CRM conference and exhibition focuses on innovative ways to increase operational efficiencies, improve customer service, reduce financial risks and control operational costs.

Over 45 global experts are speaking at Metering, Billing/CRM Asia 2009 and share their views on the latest cost-efficient technologies benefiting the utility, the customers and the environment. Utility case studies on pilot programmes and views on the latest and most innovative metering, billing and CRM applications from around the globe will be presented by leading utility representatives including MEA, Thailand, PEA, Thailand, TNB Malaysia, PT PLN, Indonesia, EVN, Vietnam, CEM, Macau, ENEL, Italy, KEPCO, Korea, Jemena Australia, Manila Water Company, the Philippines, Mangalore city Council, India, Scottish and Southern Energy, UK , Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Col Ltd, India, Électricité de Tahiti, Tahiti and Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, China, Syabas Malaysia and NGC New Zealand.

Take this opportunity to meet the leading international metering, billing and CRM experts and share your views with the policy makers, technology providers and utility professionals involved in shaping the metering, billing and CRM utility industry in Asia.

Click here for the full conference programme and register now to secure your seat! For more information, please visit or contact Ms. Bibiche Booi:, phone: +65 6407 1498.