Asian Energy Week Showcase for AMR/AMM – and also for The DLMS UA



For the first time, the DLMS User Association participated in an event outside Europe. This was justified by the growing interest in our activities from Asia and proved to be a great success. Asian Energy Week attracted many experts, and the DLMS UA profited by:

  • Presenting its achievements in booth # 1.11
  • Contributing a paper to session 5 “AMR/AMM Strategies” 
  • Giving the post-conference full day DLMS/COSEM seminar.

The DLMS UA booth attracted a lot of attention; interesting discussions took place and several new applications for membership were registered, pushing the number of members up to 80+. Paul Fuchs’ paper on DLMS/COSEM was given on behalf of the DLMS UA; it was entitled “Meeting New Challenges in AMR/AMM”. After the conference the DLMS/COSEM Training Seminar took place. This full-day seminar was organised by Synergy, and 12 participants from utilities, manufacturers and system providers took part, mainly from Asian countries. The training material, a PowerPoint presentation of 200+ slides with detailed comments, was distributed in the form of a booklet and also on CD, which makes it very suitable for later self-study. It is structured in form of six training packages:

• TP1 – Introduction – the DLMS User Association
• TP2 – Products and market acceptance
• TP3 – The COSEM model; the key to interoperability
• TP4 – Accessing and transporting the data
• TP5 – Examples
• TP6 – Conformance testing.

The DLMS UA looks forward to the next event, Metering Europe 2006, which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 10 – 12 October 2006. On 9 October there will be a pre-conference seminar on DLMS/COSEM, and the General Meeting of the DLMS UA will be held the same evening.

 DLMS - Booth at Asian Energy Week