Automatic Meter Reading


Typically operating on licenced VHF spectrum, the technology eliminates the need for repeaters, making systems simple to install, highly cost effective and free from the risk of radio interference. With its in-house design capability, the company has already adapted its technology to take advantage of the new VHF pan-European allocation for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) on the former ERMES paging band.

Using Radio-Tech’s technology, low cost real time meter reading and associated assets can be implemented on a 24/7 basis. Data can either be collected locally on a central PC or remotely uploaded to remote web servers via the GPRS network.

In April 2006 Radio-Tech launched Global Net, the name given to its Integrated Asset Management System. Global Net is a subscription service and generally is either funded on a cost per asset connected or on a cost per data message delivered. The system is all embracing and is intended to complete the often missing part of the data delivery chain, creating a 100% seamless path from the asset in the field to the delivery of data to the chosen destination.

Customers are already reaping the rewards from the creation of a seamless data pipe, where, in the case of water, meter readings are being combined with data from acoustic leak detectors, pressure and flow transducers on a single platform – an industry first!

It doesn’t stop there as Global Net can be configured to handle almost any type of data for both modern and legacy meters/transducers – any make, any age and any model, without restriction.