Av Pro 5303B


AVPro -A/V Switches
General Description

The AVPro® 5303B device is a universal three input A/V switch interface IC designed for TV and general-purpose A/V applications. The device provides interfaces for three full sets of TV SCART input signals (Red, Green, Blue, CVBS, R, L, Fast Blanking, and TV Function) and also supports SCART SVHS video mode.

In addition, the 5303B can be configured to support general-purpose A/V interface (YPrPb, SVHS, and CVBS) for TVs, DVD recorders, digital set-top boxes, and PVRs. Video and audio gains are programmable. All switching and function settings are controlled via I2C.


Three Input A/V Interface
• 3:1 video and audio mux
• Programmable gain video drivers
• 0/6 dB audio drivers
• TV SCART Interface
– RGB+FB, SVHS and CVBS video modes
– 12V TV Function pins mux
• General Purpose A/V Interface
– YPrPb, SVHS and CVBS video modes
I2C Control
Power Down Mode
Configurable Device Address

• Picture-in-Picture Application
• Expandable Multi-function Inputs (up to 6 channels)