Baroness McDonagh to chair Britain’s smart meter Central Delivery Body


Baroness Margaret McDonagh has been appointed as chairman of Britain’s smart meter Central Delivery Body, a new organization which is to deliver consumer engagement during the nation’s smart meter rollout.

She will join the Board alongside representatives from energy suppliers, consumer groups and other independent interests.
“This new organization will be key in engaging customers, informing them about their meters and allowing greater involvement with and control over their own energy consumption,” said Baroness McDonagh. “The real work now begins and I look forward to working with staff, the Board and other stakeholders to make the consumer engagement around the rollout a success.”

Baroness McDonagh was previously general secretary of the Labour Party. She has wide commercial experience including several years as a non-executive director at Standard Life Plc and TBI.
The Central Delivery Body has been set up by Energy UK – the energy industry trade association – after major energy suppliers were required by government to set up a body to provide centralized consumer engagement for the smart meter rollout, which is to be completed by 2020.

The organization formally comes into existence on June 30, 2013 and will work alongside the suppliers’ own campaigns. Specifically it will:

  • Build consumer confidence in the installation of smart meters
  • Build consumer awareness and understanding of how to use smart meters and the information obtained from them
  • Increase consumer willingness to use smart meters to reduce their energy consumption
  • Assist less well-off or otherwise vulnerable consumers to realize the benefits of smart metering and meet their other energy needs.