Barrel Lock and End Cap


The combination of the INNER-TITE Barrel Lock and End Cap provides utilities with an economical way to lock gas cocks in a closed position to restrict tampering. Available in Stainless Steel or case hardened Carbon Steel. All End Caps are designed to compliment any INNER-TITE standard length or short length barrel lock.

Features and Benefits

  • Economical
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Carbon Steel barrel locks are case hardened to resist cutting and sawing
  • Patented tamper resistant design resists picking
  • Fits all wing style gas cocks
  • Meets requirements of D.O.T. 192.727 (d)

Baffle Lock & Key
The Baffle Lock and Key offers Gas Utilities a high security barrel lock and key system. Exclusive to Gas Utilities only and with negotiable geographical exclusivity, the Baffle Lock features the patented baffle design which denies picking tools and tampering attempts. Higher levels of security are also achieved through our restrictive marketing policies and limiting the number of keys in circulation. Available in case hardened carbon steel and with the optional Internal Weather Seal. U.S. Patent Number 5,027,624.

To specify a Barrel Lock that contains an Internal Weather Seal add the letter ‘S’ to the product code. Example E-1000 becomes E-S1000.

All INNER-TITE Locking Devices and Meter Rings can be ordered with Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Barrel Locks.

INNER-TITE Barrel Lock and End Cap