Beyond Hype: How Can an Energy Company Really Implement AMR Successfully?


Enermet’s Advanced AMR is not just about automatic meter reading, but total metering management. It starts from defining the AMR needs of the energy company all the way to Enermet running the AMR system and providing the energy company with the needed data. After two decades in the AMR business and four generations of AMR systems, Enermet is one company able to see beyond the hype – its solution is Advanced AMR.

Both consumers and energy companies have become increasingly aware of the benefits of advanced AMR: costefficiency, bills based on actual consumption, improved customer service, precise information on power peaks, demand regulation, and others.

The most important issue in AMR is neither the meters nor the system but the knowledge of energy company processes. Successful AMR implementation means well managed system implementation, maintenance and information logistics. There are a few key issues for successful AMR implementation:

• To develop the best possible processes and methods on the basis of increased automation and integration.
• To choose a comprehensive solution supporting the business: technology, products, services and expertise.
• To find an experienced partner who understands the AMR business and has a track record in AMR projects.


An AMR solution must also be able to answer future needs, so some understanding of future developments and the choice of a modular, open solution using standardised stateof-the-art hardware and software helps. System scalability to match present requirements and allow capacity expansion and support of today’s products and their functionality well into the future are also important. An easy way to cover all issues for successful AMR deployment is to pay close attention to three areas: deployment, operation and technology.


Installing thousands of meters and other field hardware demands that the project be well planned and executed. Field devices should be pre-configured, the communications infrastructure set up and available, and issues such as SIM card management must be integrated into the deployment. In this way the actual installation is quick and as error-free as possible. Data from the meters to the AMR system must be transferred automatically, avoiding error-prone manual data handling.


An AMR solution must enable error-free and seamless data flow from meters to systems (eg CIS). Data must be available when needed in the right format, whether it is consumption data or power quality data. Tools must be available to diagnose system faults in order to solve problems immediately. Enermet develops tools in close co-operation with customers, helping them run AMR smoothly in all circumstances. One system for all consumer segments (household, industrial and grid) makes AMR use, maintenance and support easier.


Cost efficient and reliable communication is the backbone of a functioning AMR solution. Communications suited to densely populated cities may not be the most cost efficient and reliable for the countryside. Meters with integrated communication are ideal for quick installation and make setting up the communication easier. In order to utilise all features of Advanced AMR, system integration plays an important role. System integration allows the management of the entire chain of metering information through a single interface and enables error-free data flow between systems.


We listen to our customers. Thorough knowledge of customer processes and tailored solutions are needed in the quickly changing business environment. AMR can be successfully implemented in close co-operation with a partner that has strong competence in AMR and the ability to see beyond hype. For us partnering means studying new ideas and ways to improve business performance together with energy companies, and customising our offering accordingly. Enermet has extensive experience in the energy business and uses its knowledge to the benefit of the customer.