BillingExpert – Financial Management Extension


Financial Management Extension (“FME”) offers your financial organization the ability to track accounts receivable, revenue and general ledger information for every business transaction within the LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite. FME is a fully functional, completely integrated accounting and collections package that accelerates cash flow generation, while dramatically reducing effort and errors.


  • Web-Based Interface: Easily navigable, user friendly, web-based GUIs that allow back-office personnel to effectively manage their work.
  • COM Objects: COM-based functions that allow for open integration between LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite and other applications.
  • Tight Integration with LODESTAR Products: Seamlessly interacts with all LODESTAR products to manage account receivables and financial processing.
  • New LODESTAR® Rules Language™ Statements: Additional LODESTAR Rules Language statements that allow for easy integration among applications.
  • Extended Data Model: Robust extensions to LODESTAR Data Repository to store new information. The continued use of meta-data extends the application for client-specific business needs.
  • Integrated Reporting Package: Integrated web-based reporting package and core control reports that can be configured to add additional reporting based on specific business requirements.
  • Collections: A new set of functionality for revenue collections that improves cash flow and reduces outstanding receivables. It enables you to tailor revenue recovery strategies based on customer class payment patterns, etc.