BillingExpert provides the flexibility and accuracy necessary to handle complex billing scenarios in a constantly changing marketplace. BillingExpert is configurable to virtually any usage market – gas, water, electricity, internet bandwidth, or even cable TV – in any retail or wholesale market.


  • Interval Data Management: User interface that enables the handling of interval data of any UOM and IPH (Intervals Per Hour).
  • Checklists for Accurate Billing: Pre-built checklists that review account and usage data before an account is billed.
  • Test billing calculations: BillingExpert includes a Trial Bill facility that allows users to test bill calculations without saving results. Trial bill supports rapid analysis of different billing scenarios with on-the-fly editing of any parameter value used in the Rate Schedule.
  • Perform Start-to-Finish Bill Processing: Supports the entire bill process, including: data import, validation, estimation, bill calculations, adjustments, revenue forecasting revenue, and with LODESTAR FME, manage the entire credit and collection process.