BLASTING OFF soon with Ed the Astronaut!


Edward Lu, former NASA astronaut and head of Advanced Projects at Google, has flown two Space Shuttle missions, spent six months on the International Space Station and orbited the earth 3,300 times. Now, he is blasting off in Miami with the Metering, Billing/CIS America 2009 conference and exhibition. Addressing issues that dominate the future of the metering industry and giving us a glimpse into Google’s pioneering projects, this is not to be missed! Topics he will discuss include:

  • Clean energy production:  efficient, accessible and cheap!
  • Technologies to produce clean and cheap electricity
  • Tools to track and optimize energy use and production
  • Selling home-produced power and monetizing the smart grid
  • Empowering individuals and companies to produce energy
  • Helping consumers to understand and manage their electricity consumption and production

Now in its 10th year, Metering, Billing/CIS America has established itself as the industry’s foremost metering and customer service event. In 2009 we will be Dancing with Data, highlighting the fandango that utilities are dealing with – the huge quantity of information collected by smart meters. The event will attract approximately 700 industry participants; over 100 high-level speakers and 50 exhibitors. Visit to register for this event!