Brazil retrofits electricity meters to make ‘smart’


UK systems company Cyan Holdings is using a purpose-designed retrofit module to give smart metering functionality to static electricity meters in the South American country.

The CyLec module is a small self-contained box that connects to an installed meter by an existing communications interface on the meter.

The aim is provide a cost-effective solution for utilities to migrate from an automated meter reading to an advanced metering infrastructure.

In a country where power theft is as high as 20 per cent in some regions, utilities piloting the retrofit scheme are interested in the remote control and anti-tampering functions as well as remotely monitoring usage.

Drivers for a smart meter roll-out in Brazil are the need to upgrade grid reliability and power outages, improve the integration of renewable energy generation and reducing per-capital power consumption, as well as power theft.

The value of the smart meter market in Brazil is set to be US$432 million by 2020, a 10-fold increase from 2013, according to a report from market research company GlobalData.

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Brazil retrofits electricity meters to make ‘smart’