Brazilian water utilities to deploy Elster water meters


Salvador and São Paulo, Brazil and Essen, Germany — (METERING.COM) — May 13, 2011 – Two Brazilian water utilities, EMBASA and SABESP, are to install approximately 250,000 water meters from Elster AMCO Water to more accurately measure water usage and drive increased revenues.

EMBASA (Empresa Baiana de Aguas e Saneamento), the Bahia state water utility, will install 170,000 Elster water meters at residential and commercial locations, while São Paulo state water utility SABESP (Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo) will deploy 80,000 water meters across its residential customer base.

EMBASA expects to complete 80 percent of the Elster single-jet and multi-jet water meter deployments by the end of 2011. With more than 1.8 million installed water meters across its service region, the new meters will help update EMBASA’s infrastructure.

SABESP, the largest water utility in Latin America with more than 6 million meters installed, will deploy plastic cover, 45-degree position single-jet meters. The utility expects to complete all installations by mid 2011.

Elster will work with both SABESP and EMBASA to ensure that the deployments meet each utility’s business and customer needs.