Brooks 3128-HV Series High Voltage Transformer


With the advent of electronic solid state meters the electric utility industry has been dealing with increasing failures on 277/480 transformer rated meter services. Today’s electronic meter are a far cry from the electro-mechanical meters of the past. Surge gap arrestors, which once helped the meter to survive voltage surges, have been replaced by MOV’s inside the meter. Frequently, the MOV are unable to hold back voltage spike thereby causing failures to the metering system. Many utilities choose to protect their metering by using surge protection equipment voltage transformers, fuses, and or lightning arrestors.

Another cause for these failures can be attributed to moisture condensation, dirt build up, insects, and other contaminants that create favorable conditions for tracking between phases and or phase to ground. Installations that have been in services 10 years or more are susceptible to developing such failures.

Working closely with our utility customers, our engineering and sakes & marketing teams have listened to our customers through roundtable discussions and one on one conferences as to what problems they are encountering. From these discussions we have gone to work making improvements and options available in our products designs to minimize the likelihood of product failures.

The new 3128-HV high voltage transformer rated meter socket series is a product that incorporates all of the best ideas offered to date. There are many new features all standard to help find answers to this problem. At Brooks Utility Products Group we listen to our customers  and come up with innovative products to help solve problems.