Brooks 3180 Series High Voltage Transformer


Trough an alliance agreement with Two Sockets Two Meters Brooks Meter Devices is now able to offer additional equipment protection options with the use of the Two Sockets Two Meters VT pack™.

The 3180 series is the first of a family of products that help utilities deal with equipment failures on 277/480 volt transformer rate meter installations. Metering installations can experience high transient voltage spikes due to lightning, line surges, fault currents etc. that cause voltage to far exceed the meter or meter sockets ability to withstand. The results are costly failures and customer disruptions.

An additional safety benefit is derived from the use of the VT pack™ as the voltage is reduced from 277 to 120 volts at the meter allowing for a safer meter testing environment. Safety on 277/480 volt meter installations is a major concern with electric utilities.

VT pack™ is made of 3 toroidally wound, highly accurate encapsulated voltage transformers that help the metering equipment to survive high voltage spikes and make metering higher voltage safer.

The VT pack™ can be furnished factory installed or may be easily and quickly added in the field by the use of the wiring harness jumper plug assembly. The jumper plug is for use without the VT pack™ on non 480 installations. Provisions are provided with the 3180 13 terminal meter socket for installation of the VT pack™ in the field. The VT pack™ simply mounts to the side of the enclosure with 3 mounting studs and nuts provided ant the jumper plug is disconnected and plug into the VT pack™. It’s just that simple. VT pack™ are available in ratios of 2:1 and 2.5:1.